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Ref. No.: 168
July 1, 2004


We have recently discovered that certain individual or business entities applying for CCIC inspections do not have proper registrations with appropriate Government agencies within their territories or the legal status of their registrations are found to be "inactive" or "suspended". These applicants do not have good standing in trading of recycled scrap materials and have created substantial risk to our Company in our normal conducting of surveying and inspection services, as well as to the overall recycling material trade.

Due to the above reasons, we have decided effective from July 1, 2004, all applicants who wish to apply for CCIC inspections and certificates must provide the following documents:

1) Legal documents showing the applicant's good standing in the country, state, county or city where the applicant is doing business; and

2) General Liability Insurance or other similar legal documents showing that the applicant maintains a regular place of business and a normal business operation with liability of insurance coverage.

Please have the documents fax to us at your earliest convenience and if you have any questions, please feel free to call Angela at (626)919-8802, ext. 112 or Andrea at ext. 103.

Thank you for your cooperation.