Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

It can either be the importer of China or other parties (e.g. supplier or agent)

Anyone can make the payment. Please include application reference number when make payment.

-Wire transfer
-Company Check
-Direct deposit
-Money order
-Cashier check

No. Advance payment is needed. We will arrange on-site inspection after payment is received.

Yes. If our inspector has not arrived to the inspection location yet, you can get the remaining balance after deducting US$300 handling fees and all incurred expenses.

We prefer the machine to be in running condition. If the machine is under the following conditions, on-site inspection cannot be arranged:
-Already packed or crated
-Still operating and will continue to operate for some time after inspection
-Machine will be remodeled, repaired or re-assembled before shipping

The applicant can authorize anyone to be the authorized representative participating in the on-site inspection, however we prefer the person has a comprehensive understanding of the equipment/machines.

1. Confirm time and inspection site for the on-site inspection;
2. Confirm and make sure the machines are ready for inspection;
3. Providing necessary supplementary documents, such as: sales invoice, inventory record, operation manual etc. in case the basic necessary information could not be identified on the machines;
4. Make correction and provide corrective action plan for non-conformity issues found during inspection.

• Make sure the machine (including inside & outside as well as all the ducts) is clean and free from any liquid or solid leftover, such as dust and oil stain from production.
• Repair or replace all damaged instrument, meters, switches and indicator lights etc.
• Change or clean all used filers
• Sterilize equipment which uses hazardous gas, liquid and chemical substances; or equipment that has contact with biological blood or cells. Disinfection/decontamination certificate including the below information is needed:
1) Name of the equipment and item number
2) Time and place where disinfection/decontamination conducted
3) Name of the organization conducted the disinfection/decontamination
4) Method used for disinfection/decontamination and the name and dosage of the disinfectant used

. Make correction & prepare corrective action plan for any non-conformity issues found during inspection that do not meet the requirements regarding safety, sanitation and environment protection In accordance with Law of the People’s Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection.
. Provide corrective action plan to CCIC NA (including letter in wording and visual image evidence after correction)
. Further correction if correction result provided at the first time is not accepted by CCIC NA