About CCIC North America Inc.

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About CCIC North America Inc.

While China Certification and Inspection Group is celebrating its anniversary since 1980, CCIC North America Inc. has entered into its excellent service since 1990. Throughout the past years, CCIC North America Inc. has grown and become the biggest overseas branch office of China Certification and Inspection Group. In the past 20 years, CCIC North America Inc. has been focusing its efforts on developing a regional service network, establishing its company’s recognition in the certification and inspection business, and providing impartial, accurate and swift local services to its global customers of the group company.

United States is the most influential country in the world regarding economy and trading especially; on the other hand, being the most populated country in the world, China is the leading economy force among developing countries. International trading between U.S. and China is rapidly expanding, while the scale of economy in China is constantly growing. Los Angeles is the utmost frontline city in the U.S.. Besides its geographical advantage that is right across the ocean from China’s coastal cities, California itself is the world’s eighth biggest economical entity. Los Angeles has long established itself as the center of U.S. and China trade, with its international airport and the busiest port along the West Coast: Port of Los Angeles. It is though the headquarter of CCIC North America Inc. is chosen to be here, and it is also a decision made in consistence with the business requirements of the group companies. After years of business operation here, CCIC North America has gained its unique position in the global marketing strategy of the CCIC Group Company. Besides setting up its headquarter in Los Angeles, CCIC North America Inc. has also opened its Eastern Office in the City of New York. New York is the busiest city in the U.S.. It is also the nation’s biggest business and finance hub. It is located in the heart of U.S. northeast metropolitan area. Being in New York, the Eastern Office serves as a direct support to the businesses located along the East Coast of America. We also have business partners in Chicago executing unified operation and service standard, serving the needs of businesses in U.S. heartland to ensure the two business centers supplement and coordinate with each other.  CCIC North America Inc. also started an office in Mexico City of Mexico, mainly focusing on the new arising import and export needs of the local clients. Mexico is a new emerging market full of energy regardless of its importing or exporting potential. The business opportunities in Mexico cannot be underestimated.

There is an old Chinese saying: you can’t reach thousand miles without the accumulation of each step. During the past 20 years, on the road of success, CCIC North America Inc. has definitely left its striving footprints: from a five-people office in the very beginning, it has grown into a team of 102 staffs. Its business volume has steadily grown annually along with a rapid gain of US-Sino trade. CCIC North America Inc. provides its clients with professional inspection services on goods transporting to China and other countries, the services including:

1. Authorized Pre-shipment Inspection Services:

 recycling scraps pre-shipment inspection services authorized by Chinese and Indonesian government, used importing electrical and mechanical equipment pre-shipment inspection services authorized by Chinese government;


2. Traditional Bulk Commodity Inspection and Appraisal Services:

Chemical products by vessel such as fertilizer, minerals such as iron ore, copper concentrate, agriculture products such as soy beans, wheat and fish meal, etc.;


3. Damage Evaluation and Cargo Damage Survey:

Including mixed metal, building material, packing material, seasonal merchandise like Christmas gifts, and cargo damage survey for large retailers such as Wal-Mart. 


4. Evaluation and Appraisal Services:

Evaluate and appraise used electrical or mechanical equipment.


5. Counseling Services:

CCC Accreditation and Counseling or Agency for application; ISO-9000 Quality Assurance System accreditation and counseling.


In order to improve work efficiently, CCIC North America Inc. makes sure the realization of the requirements and responsibility outline the quality objectives of the company: 100 percent controlling the key steps of inspection process with a submit and accept checking, and permission and responsibility limit settings. We fully utilize electronic management system to monitor the flow of our inspection process: Electronic Management System for Pre-shipment inspection of recycling scraps to China. EPSI covers all aspects of its process for importing recycling scraps which include application forms, dispatching inspection tasks, accepting tasks, result registration and upload photos, audition, approve and release certificates, statistics and retrieve, precaution system, retrieve and management of flow-chart, as well as law and regulations. The above electronic system could enable our customers to apply for inspections worldwide, and makes it very convenient for our clients to check the status of their inspection order with CCIC. When clearing customs in the ports of China, customs officials could see our electronic certifications via the electronic management system; it saves a great deal of time and effort of the custom level. Quality is the survival key of any business: impartiality, accuracy and swiftness are our company’s principles and guidelines of its quality objectives. To carry out our business belief, during the past 20 years CCIC North America Inc. has established a complete and sophisticated quality control system. In 2006 we have successfully passed the ISO-17020 Certification of Quality Assurance System. All of our inspectors have obtained certification of inspection in the respective field to ensure the advanced scientific techniques being carried out in inspection and its management. (President of CCIC North America) “Our company stresses on job training, often holds seminars and case studies to train our employees and provides them with opportunities to communicate with each other to learn from each other’s job-site experiences. To increase our company’s popularity and customer satisfaction, our management team often goes to job site in client’s office to supervise operations, talk to clients face-to-face, understand their needs, solve any problem during thewhole process, and make every effort to direct contact with our clients to establish ongoing business relation with them.” “CCIC is happy to work with you; I believe there will be lots of businesses between China and the United States starting here, beginning now and continue in the future.” We have great confidence in our future. Together with you, CCIC North America will create a great future for all of us.

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