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Introduction to Certification Services of CCIC North America Inc

In order to meet the increasing needs in products and management system certifications, China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) send delegates long-term stationed in CCIC North America Inc (CCICNA) to provide convenient local and swift services to our customers that include consultation, training and certification. We provide system documentations in Chinese to satisfy the official language requirement of these documents submitted to AQSIQ or other Chinese authorities.

1. ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification:

According to “The Inspection and Quarantine Measures of Administration and Supervision on the Imported Solid Waste for Raw Materials” (AQSIQ) No. 119 and “The Rules of Implementation on the Administration over Registration Qualification of Imported Solid Waste for Raw Materials from Oversea Suppliers” AQSIQ Year 2009 No. 98, the oversea suppliers are require to show valid ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate when they enroll for importing solid waste for raw materials to China. To meet the ISO9001 Quality Management Certification need of the numerous oversea suppliers located in the regional area of North America, CCIC North America Inc (CCICNA) is teaming up with the China Quality Certification Centre Ningbo Center (CQCNB) to provide quality management system and product certification services to interested parties.

2. Organic Product Certification:

According to the requirements stipulated in the rules of implementation on the national organic product certification, organic products sold in China must have organic product certificate issued by accredited certification body in China. To help more of the quality organic products to be sold in China, we issue Organic Product Certificates that are accepted by Chinese authorities.

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