Inspection & Survey Services

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The services CCIC North America Inc offering are focused on the following:

Commodity Inspection

  • Areas to be inspected:

  • Quality Specification

  • Quantity

  • Weight

  • Packing and Marking

  • Types of inspection:

  • Pre-shipment Inspection

  • Discharging Inspection

  • Inspection at Places of Production

Pre-shipment Inspection on Scrap Materials Shipping to China as Raw Materials

  • Types of Recycling Scraps:

  • Iron and steel, nonferrous metal, electric motor scraps

  • Wires and cable, mixed metal scraps

  • Paper or paperboard scraps

  • Plastic scraps, fiber scraps, etc

Pre-Shipment Inspection on Used Equipment shipping to China

  • Categories of Equipment:

  • General Used Equipment

  • Used Metal-Cutting Machinery

  • Used Printing Machinery

  • Used Engineering Mechanical Equipment

Surveying Services

  • Survey on damaged cargo, both incoming & outgoing

  • Supervision over loading, discharging & transshipping

  • Examination on the condition of transportation units

  • Survey on weight & quantity

  • Survey on packing

  • Survey on marking

Consulting Services

  • Price consultation & comparison

  • Property appraisal & value assessment

  • Entrusted inspection & other entrusted activities