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    CCIC North America Inc. While China Certification and Inspection Group is celebrating its anniversary since 1980, Throughout the past years, CCIC North America Inc has grown and become the biggest overseas branch office of China Certification and Inspection Group. provides its clients with professional inspection services on goods transporting to China and other countries. CCIC North America has gained its unique position in the global marketing strategy of the CCIC Group Company. Also,we opened our Eastern Office in the City of New York and Mexico office in Mexico City of Mexico.

    Professional Inspection Services

    Goods transporting to China and other countries

    ♦  Authorized Pre-shipment Inspection Services
    ♦  Traditional Bulk Commodity Inspection and Appraisal Services
    ♦  Damage Evaluation and Cargo Damage Survey
    ♦  Evaluation and Appraisal Services
    ♦  Counseling Services

    Second FDA-Ds Annual

    The American Society for Quality (ASQ), in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Los Angeles District sponsored the 2nd Dietary Consortium on April 27, 2018, which was held at the CCIC North America Office at 8835 Haven Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. The theme for this event was focused on FSMA/FSVP and other Regulatory Update: FDA and Industry Perspective. Speakers for this event were representatives from the FDA, DS Industry, Academia and other Regulatory Agencies such as the Certification and Accreditation of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA).

    2018年4月27日,美国质量协会(ASQ)与美国食品药品管理局(FDA)合作的第二届保健品联盟对话会议在中检集团北美公司洛杉矶总部举行。此次活动的主题集中在FSMA/ FSVP和其他法规更新:FDA和行业视角。本次活动的演讲人是来自FDA、保健品(DS)产业、学术界和其他监管机构的代表。 

    2018 US-China Agriculture Trade Forum

    In advance of the opening of 2018 China International Import Expo (in Shanghai China), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) New York Office and China Certification and Inspection Group North America  Co., Ltd. (CCIC N.A.) together present the First US-China Agriculture Trade Forum in Los Angeles California. The goals are to gain knowledge from the sector experts for a deeper understanding of the agricultural trade between the United States and China, discuss government and industry issues, understand procedures and requirements local and international , help business and customers small or big in the two countries to increase trade volume and provide a venue to network.
    For registration, please visit the link.

    Main Services

    Animal &Plant
    Inspection & Quarantine

    Agriculture Product
    &Food Testing Service

    Testing Services


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