• What We do?

    CCIC North America Inc.
    While China Certification and Inspection Group is celebrating its anniversary since 1980, Throughout the past years, CCIC North America Inc has grown and become the biggest overseas branch office of China Certification and Inspection Group.
    provides its clients with professional inspection services on goods transporting to China and other countries. CCIC North America has gained its unique position in the global marketing strategy of the CCIC Group Company.
    Also,we opened our Eastern Office in the City of New York and Mexico office in Mexico City of Mexico.

    Professional Inspection Services

    Goods transporting to China and other countries

    ♦  Authorized Pre-shipment Inspection Services
    ♦  Traditional Bulk Commodity Inspection and Appraisal Services
    ♦  Damage Evaluation and Cargo Damage Survey
    ♦  Evaluation and Appraisal Services
    ♦  Counseling Services


    Main Services

    Animal &Plant
    Inspection & Quarantine

    Agriculture Product
    &Food Testing Service

    Testing Services


    PCQI Training Courses