About CCIC North America Inc.

As China Certification and Inspection Group celebrate its establishment since 1980, CCIC North America Inc. also celebrates its entrance into their excellent services since 1990. Throughout these past years, CCIC North America Inc. has grown to become the biggest overseas branch office of China Certification and Inspection Group. Since its establishment, CCIC North America Inc. has been focusing its efforts on developing a regional service network, establishing its company’s recognition in the certification and inspection business, and providing impartial, accurate, and swift local services to its global customers.

The United States is the most influential country in the world in regards to economics and trading. On the other hand, while being the most populated country in the world, China is also the leading economic force among the developing countries. Therefore, international trading between the U.S. and China is rapidly developing, while at the same time the economic growth of China is also constantly expanding. Los Angeles is one of the gateway cities to this expansion. It is one of the vital cities in the U.S. for international trading due to its geographical advantage of being right across the ocean from China’s coastal cities. California is also the world’s eighth-largest economic entity. With these factors, Los Angeles establishes itself as the center of the U.S. and China trade along with its convenient international airport and busy coastal port along the west coast.

These are the primary factors that led to CCIC North America Inc.’s decision to choose Los Angeles as its headquarters. This decision was also made in contingent with the business requirements of the group companies. After years of operations, CCIC North America has established an important strategic position for Los Angeles in the global marketing strategy of the CCIC Group Company. In addition to its headquarters in Los Angeles, CCIC North America Inc. has also opened its Eastern Office in the City of New York. This decision was made as New York is the largest city in the U.S as well as the nation’s biggest business and finance hub. It is located in the heart of the most important metropolitan area in the northeastern United States. Being in New York, the Eastern Office also serves as direct support to the businesses located along the East Coast of the United States. Our North American companies also work closely with CCIC Chicago, located in the North Central United States, to implement integrated operational and service standards which enable our North American companies to achieve consistent standards of implementation in the heart of the United States at two core areas thereby creating complementary and interactive businesses. CCIC North America Inc. also started an office in the Mexico City of Mexico, mainly focusing on the new arising import and export needs of the local clients. With the rising potential of Mexicos dynamic and emerging market, whether it is import or export, there can be many new business opportunities that should not be underestimated there.

During the past 29 years, CCIC North America Inc. has made its striving footprints from a five-person team to a company of 102 employees. Its business volume has steadily grown annually along with a rapid gain of US-Sino trade. CCIC North America Inc. provides its clients with professional inspection services on goods being transported to China and other countries.

Our services include:

1. Authorized Pre-shipment Inspection Services:
Recyclable scrap commodity pre-shipment inspection services authorized by Chinese and Indonesian governments used electrical and mechanical equipment pre-shipment inspection services authorized by the Chinese government.

2. Traditional Bulk Commodity Inspection and Appraisal Services:
Commodity chemical products by a vessel such as fertilizer; minerals such as iron ore, copper concentrate; agricultural products such as soybeans, wheat, and seafood and aqua products.

3. Damage Evaluation and Cargo Damage Survey:
Including mixed metal, building material, packing material, a seasonal merchandise like Christmas gifts, and we also provide cargo damage surveys for large retailers such as Walmart.

4. Evaluation and Appraisal Services:
Evaluate and appraise used electrical or mechanical equipment.

5. Consulting Services:
Pre-packaged food labeling compliance

We help American exporters of pre-packaged food (e.g. bottled beverages, snacks, seasonings, etc.) to China comply with Chinese food labeling regulations to ensure smooth entries when inspected by Customs at ports of entry. Compliance is also very important in avoiding regulatory bounty hunters.

Regulatory registration for cosmetic products

The China market for imported cosmetics is highly lucrative. We offer a money-back guarantee (conditional on first clearing our pre-screening of product formulations and functions) to exporters of cosmetics goods who file their regulatory registration through us. Under current regulations, a product launch can be greatly expedited as soon as we file your registration dossier while we help you complete the formal registration process.