Product Inspection

Inspection Services

CCIC North America Inc. can provide professional independent third-party evaluation on the status of the product. There are three types of inspections depending on the purposes of the reports:

• Return Goods Inspection

For goods exported from China to the United States, where the buyer and the seller have reached an agreement to return the goods due to quality issues, the applicant needs to provide trade documents for goods originally shipped from China to US, test reports (if involved) and return agreements (if any) etc.

Our company will go to the site to verify the quantity of the returned products, verify whether the defects of the products are true and check whether the information on the trade documents are consistent with the returned goods. Inspection report will then be issued for Chinese Customs import clearance use when the goods returned to China.

• Product Defect Inspection

When the US buyer believes that the quality of the products received is inconsistent with the contract requirements, and both the seller and the buyer cannot reach an agreement, we can conduct an independent fair appraisal of the status of the product upon request from either party. Based on the applicant’s application, we will go on-site and verify the degree of product defects and checks the test report (if involved). If it involves defects that cannot be verified by visual inspection, our company will take samples for further analysis and issue an inspection report based on the results.

• Damage Goods Inspection

Due to transportation reasons, the received product was damaged. Our company will go on-site and assess the product’s damage situation, degree and cause of damage and issue a Damage Goods Appraisal Report as the basis for the applicant to submit their insurance claim.